Computer Graphics

We provide our customers with a complex image of their company.

We offer a range of services, starting from traditional graphics through company videos up to website videos produced by means of the most advanced technologies of video shooting and post production.

We also produce 3D videos (CGI) with photorealistic light and materials.

Product Video (3D, Motion Graphics)- Ditec Entrematic Smart Connect
Spot TV (VFX) – Giotto Crescere a colori – ViSo Video Solutions
Promo TV (VFX) – Live, Non è la d’Urso – ViSo Video Solutions, Madiaset
Product Video (3D, VFX) – Alfaparf Milano rEvolution Neon

We provide support for the creation of special effects (VFX) and motion graphics as well as the project finalization (with colour correction and grading) with the use of professional software.

Color Correction & Grading – Alfaparf Milano, Dream Like Leonardo
Color correction – Gioielli Amen – ViSo Video Solutions

We have developed a high level of specialist knowledge in the sphere of virtual scenography
using the latest available game engines.

3D Virtual set – House of Esports – ViSo Video Solutions, DMAX
3D Virtual set & VFX – ViSo Video Solutions, Mediaset

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